Welcome to Team Top Knife! 

Our good friend Rick needs support and our prayers as he travels the road to health recovery.  So many of us have been touched by his caring, humor, friendship and love that this site is a place for all of us to keep in the loop on Rick's progress.  Check back frequently! 

10/3/07  If you can make it call 443 739 2925 or 410 686 3719 -- or email eabounds@msn.com.


10/1/07  Rick is doing well.  Just a minor infection that is being treated with I.V. therapy.  He is in good spirits and is coming along fine..... Liz

9/26/07   Rick should be home from the hospital tomorrow.  Just a short stay this time.  All seems well so far.   Thanks.....Liz

9/25/07   Party cancelled until further notice.  We'll keep you updated.  Rick is having some minor work done on his new kidney. 


9/22/07    9:00 am -  Just wanted everyone to know that this is the man who started it all.  He persuaded University of Maryland to tranfer Rick straight from St. Joe's.    He is a gift from God.  We will always appreciate everything that he has done and he will be in our daily prayers forever.  Thank you Dr. Vinayek!!!  Liz and Rick Bounds

9/21-07, 8:15pm - Doctors appt yesterday went great.  Rick is now able to drive, Thank God.  We leave Wednesday for Texas for a little recuperation in the sun and pool. 

9/4/07, 8:25PM -- Rick went to his primary care physician this afternoon. She likes what she sees. She changed his wound dressings and was pleased with that. She was shocked to hear that she would be taking over after about a month in the care of Rick. She is readying herself for this adventure. Appetite is up for Rick and he is eating everything in sight. He lost another 8 pounds but the doctors are not concerned. All is well in liver/kidney land!!

P.S. In the minor compared to a liver/kidney trnasplant, I have bronchitis and possibly pneumonia. Thanks to everyone for your support......Liz

9/3/07, 1:29PM – Another good day. College football, frosted flakes and visitors!

9/2/07, 8:00PM – Rick recuperated all day Saturday and started Sunday going out to breakfast with Joey. Liz has been sick in bed for the last 24 hours and he was hungry! The rest of the day was good. And Liz is feeling better.

8/31/07, 3:30pm – The day started at 6am at University of Maryland for some minor surgery. Rick’s care team was called out to perform an emergency kidney transplant so a few hours turned into a full day at the hospital. But no one is complaining – Rick would have waited 3 days gladly. He and all of us are thankful for the amazing doctors. The surgery went very well. He’s a little sore again and has some new staples but all is well.

8/30/07, 7:41pm – Rick is home again! He was released from the rehab center after returning from his doctor’s appointments at University today. Everything went well and the care team reports his is doing great! He is going to have a small surgery (twilight) tomorrow morning at UofMD to remove the last drain. It’s a small complication given the significance of what he has been through so far. Nonetheless, keep him in your thoughts.

Rick is up for phone calls. His cell is 443.739.2925.

8/29/07, 9:30pm – Rick got to go home this afternoon after lunch for another visit. He was surprised by a new recliner – a gift from Tom and Joe. Its like a big screen TV throne – he is certainly King of his castle! The day was good and physical therapy was demanding. Getting stronger every day!

8/28/07, 8:15pm – Rick got to go home for a visit today! After his PT, Liz picked up Rick and they went home for a visit. He had to be back in his cell at 8pm but getting out was real treat. Another good day of physical and occupational therapy!

8/26/07, 11:15pm – Someone wants to go home!!! A steak sandwich helped the moment pass!

8/25/07, 9:20pm -- Rick called tonight and said "they tag-teamed me today!"  The physical therapists are taking their jobs seriously and working hard to build Rick back up in order for him to go home. The cumulative effect of being sick, two surgeries a infection, and 2 ½ months in a bed has sapped his strength – but not his sense of humor. Call or visit. Go Ravens!

Liz wanted to take the opportunity to publicly thank Dr. Rakesh Vinayek from LifeBridge Health. Dr. Vinayek was instrumental in getting Rick on the organ transplant fast track. We all thank him too!

8/24/07, 6:47pm - Today's physical therapy was adminstered by Marquis de Sade!  Rick is looking like his butt got whipped -- must be working!  His weight was 190 today so he ate everything he could get his hands on.  Right now he's ogling a McDonalds strawberry shake.  Rick is in good spirits but it would be a lie to say he was enjoying his stay in rehab.  He was told today he will be here for 11-15 days.  Its really easy to visit so please feel free.  His phone number is 410.780.7373.

8/22/07, 6:50pm - Rick arrived at Manor Care Rossville around noon.  His room is 138 and his phone is 410.780.7373.  He was in good spririts and glad to be gone from the hosptial BUT WANTS TO GO HOME!!! 

There are no sides on his bed so they lower it all the way to the floor at night in case he rolls over in the bed  -- very odd -- looks like he has a mattress on the floor!!  Rick hopes to start physical therapy tomorrow.

8/21/07, 4:42pm - Rick is going to Manor Care in Rossville tomorrow at 9:30 am. They want to give him some blood tonight before he goes. It's located at 6600 Ridge Road 21237.

8/19/07, 12:16pm - This is THE GUY! His name is Dr. Barth and he is Rick's transplant surgeon. And he is our collective HERO! Dr. Barth reported that Rick's numbers and progress are all good. They are changing one medicine to improve his bilirubin levels but other than that, everything is great. He suggested to Rick that he should go to a rehab center rather than home so there is a team whose sole job it is to kick his butt back into shape. Rick wants to go home not to rehab but the full court press is on – if you talk to him, please bug him!

Rick has been a room full of visitors today plus LIZ IS BACK!!! -- needless to say, he is in very good spirits. Friends, his Bride, the Ravens play tonight – this is a VERY GOOD DAY!!!